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Create Your Audience Persona 

Create your audience persona using our template to better understand your target market segment using our audience persona template. This crucial tool will empower your marketing campaigns, enrich your communication, and content marketing plans, and hone your messaging strategy.


Once you've completed the template, you'll receive a personalised copy of your unique persona. Remember, the more detailed and diverse your personas, the more targeted and effective your marketing can be. Create as many personas as necessary to cover the full spectrum of your audience.

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Audience Persona

Create a Business to Business audience persona

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Audience Persona

Create a Business to Consumer audience persona


Audience Persona

Create a user audience persona


What Is An Audience Persona?

A buyer persona embodies an ideal customer for your business. It is created based on a combination of quantitative (e.g. surveys and market research) and qualitative (e.g. customer interviews) research.

Buyer personas are not synonymous with your target audience, though. While your target audience is comprised of the segments you are already marketing to, buyer personas may include your vision of both existing and potential customers.

In fact, these semi-fictional profiles can also include those audiences that should be excluded from your target audience. In other words, buyer personas can have a wider business application, generating essential insights used by marketing, sales, and product teams.

Why Are Audience Personas Important?

Buyer personas have a direct impact on your business, product, and marketing strategy. It helps answer such questions as:

  • How to develop your product and product marketing strategy

  • Which channels to use in your marketing campaigns

  • How to define and execute your content marketing strategy

  • Which marketing messaging and positioning to adopt

  • What brand identity and tone of voice to develop

  • How to generate leads and boost ROI

In other words, it’s the starting point of the majority of business processes in your company. It’s also the cornerstone of all marketing activities, from identifying the right messaging and channels to crafting engaging and converting content.

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